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We are a family owned business located just South of Seattle that provides high quality ADA compliant signs. Regulation ADA signage is mandatory for businesses to comply with, the Americans with Disabilities Act states that all signs must comply with Grade 2 Braille. Every sign we design and build has our customer in mind, we understand it is a reflection of your business. We produce a wide range of interior and exterior signs, directory signs, to meet your business needs. We focus on creating the exact custom sign solutions for your company needs.We use the latest technology in both materials and machining, this provides you a wide range of possibilities. With use of newest software technology personalizing your business sign is available at your fingertips.

Benefits of a Corian Sign?

DuPont’s solid surface substrate is normally associated with countertops, but many of the same attributes that make Corian such a success in commercial and residential kitchens and baths also applies to signage. It is extremely difficult to damage and easily cleaned, making it the substrate of choice for high-traffic and vandalism-prone areas. From a design standpoint, Corian offers a plethora of color choices and is available in granite, stone, marble and other natural finishes. Because it is an acrylic slab stock, it machines beautifully on our CNC router equipment. This enables us to create stunning signage with wood working tools that appear to be carved in stone. Entrance signs into developments and municipalities, office lobby identification and many more are perfect uses for this material. It accepts paints, gold leaf and metal letters to compliment the Corian for a truly memorable sign.

The colors of Corian

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  •  December 5, 2010